About Us

Cornerstone Bull & BearCornerstone Investors Network was founded in 1998.  Since it’s founding, Cornerstone Investors Network has been a place where traders and investors of all levels from beginners to experts could network with other like minded people to share information and sharpen their skills.

What is the purpose of the club? 
The purpose of Cornerstone Investors Network clubs is to provide an interactive educational environment for traders and investors to network with one another to exchange strategies and techniques. This is accomplished both online and “in person” by attending the local chapter meetings to hear some of the great speakers that are brought in.
Is joining the club free?
Joining the club is completely free with no club dues or membership fees. Both the regular monthly “in person” local club chapter meetings and educational webinars are free as well.
What are the benefits of joining the club?
The benefits of joining our free club network are:
1. You can interact with people from all over the country and the world with our groups that meet on our message boards and in the chat rooms. You can plug into a targeted group like a specific software user group or a particular trading strategy group. You can find one that meets your interests or start one that does.
 2. We bring in local and national speakers to present trading strategies for stock and option trading using fundamental and technical analysis at the local “in person” club meetings and online webinars.
 3. Many of our speakers have offered free items to our club members such as free software, free investment web site subscriptions, free all day seminars, as well extend substantial discounts to their programs or products to our club members.
 4. Within the club you can also join sub-chapter groups that consist of trading strategy, software users or regional discussion groups to interact with other traders and investors in a smaller group setting. These groups are completely interactive with their round table discussions so you can learn what’s working and not working for others in the group.
5. Club members will be notified of any trading/investing seminars coming to their area. These seminars will include both Cornerstone meetings as well as other seminars going in on the area that we feel would be of interest to our members.
6. If the meeting is not taking place in your area, you are able to join us LIVE via the internet and watch the presentation online.